PRATI DI MESCHIO is a family run agricultural company in Vittorio Veneto founded by my grandfather in 1955. After graduating with a degree in Physics from the University of Padua, I worked for 10 years as a scientific researcher, first at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Legnaro (PD), and then at the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and finally at CNAO in Pavia. In 2010, I decided to change fields, dedicating myself to agriculture, and I started working on the farm. Since 2014, I’ve managed the company with the support of my father, Luigi, who works with me full time. My cousins Chiara, Monica, and Giuseppe, who are all university graduates, but none of them in the field of agriculture, sometimes support me with their help and expertise for our farm initiatives. Together we make an unusual and diverse Dream Team”.

Always striving to be up to date on both equipment and cultivation techniques, we deal mainly with grape growing, cereal growing, animal husbandry, and production of renewable energy. In recent years, we’ve focused on directly transforming our raw materials into high quality wine and food products.

Prati di Meschio Prosecco DOC BRUT is created by crushing only the grapes harvested from our vineyards on our farm. It is a very fragrant and light wine, with low residual sugar typical of the Glera grape vine and single-variety winemaking.

Our two-row barley, grown traditionally on our land, is the basis of our Prati di Meschio craft beers and gives our beers their body and color. If grounded, however, we use our barley, in addition to corn, as feed for our free-range chickens who give us intensely flavored eggs everyday. You’ll find this same homemade or “de casada” flavor in our cured meats. Our hand-crafted cured meats are made from only from pigs bred directly on our farm and naturally seasoned in basement cellars. This allows us to maintain the best possible humidity and temperature for the slow aging process, as outlined by the protocol of the “Small Local Productions” (PPL) of the Veneto region.